Nik van der Meulen


I have a lot of projects I want to work on. One of them is of course this webcomic/visual diary of my OUT-period.
I’ll be working with Rosa Schuurmans (Vitrinekast) on an interactive webcomic.
My zine about OCD is something I’ve been working on for years. I want to take steps towards finishing it.
Graveyard Kids is another project I’d like to continue, especially the writing part. I don’t think I’ll be able to draw it yet, but I want to have the written script done by the summer.
Finally, I have been in contact with a publisher and I want to use everything they have told me and advised me on to develop a children’s book about prehistory in the Netherlands.

I’ll develop my organisational skills by following my OUT plan and adjusting it as necessary.
I’ll work on my collaborative skills with Rosa and my external partner.
My ability to grow and change will be documented in my OUT webcomic. I’ll gain many skills and strengthen others. I want to get better at creative writing and learn bookbinding and riso printing.
I’ll expand my contextual awareness by researching the comic/zine scene in Rotterdam and the Netherlands. I’ll network in these circles. 
I’ll improve my communication skills by networking with publishers, editors, bookshop owners and comic creators. 
My creative skills will be developed as I work on my projects. My idea development and storytelling are the focus here.
My ability to reflect will be visible at the end of the OUT period when I reflect on what I’ve learned.

On this page I will develop a webcomic documenting what I do and learn during the OUT-period. I plan on bundeling all of these webcomics into a reflection document in the form of a comic book.