Nik van der Meulen


There are a lot of places I want to go. I want to meet people in printrooms, publishers, platforms, and in my work at Archeon and Oerol.
I’d like to get my name out there, using platforms like magazines and conventions. I want to combine this with starting to sell my work. Selling in bookshops, conventions and initiatives like Pakje Kunst.
I would like to learn more about the publishing world. Meet publishers, editors and booksellers. The same goes for print rooms.
My work at Archeon will allow me to learn more about prehistory and write a better story about it. Last year at Oerol I made a lot of contacts, designed signs and met people who can enrich my practice.

On this page I will develop a webcomic documenting what I do and learn during the OUT-period. I plan on bundeling all of these webcomics into a reflection document in the form of a comic book.