Nik van der Meulen


Together with a few others I’ll be working on a collaborative storytelling experiment. It’s called Oddballs & Magick. We’ll work on chapters in turns, and all focus on different characters. I will be writing the parts for Sébastien, a vampire who has recently moved into his sisters house, to keep a closer eye on her. (Character design by Nina de Jonge)

Witches Ophelia, Theodora and Beatrix just moved into an abandoned manor. It’s pleasantly creepy and overgrown, some parts are even falling apart. Despite their differences the witches have come to be quite a tight coven, possibly because of all the strange experiences they have shared through the years. Sebastien, Ophelia’s brother, appeared out of thin air to “spend some time with his little sister” but may be using this to keep a close eye on her. The residential move was, after all, inspired by her umpteenth ‘death’ (attempted murder) after which she had to start a new ‘life’. Based on the frequency of his visits and the way he makes himself at home, the witches suspect he may have moved his coffin into their basement. The overgrown garden houses many creatures, one of which is Gunnar, an elderly gnome. He and Sebastien soon became unlikely friends through nocturnal conversation, exchanging stories, drinking, and smoking funny herbs. The manor is believed to be haunted by most humans, so they usually steer clear of the house. This does not mean it is always a quiet place. Some spaces are used by other supernaturals, most of them who teach some kind of magic to new magic wielders, which is how Ophelia came to teach transfiguration magic. Theodora is on the lookout for an ‘ordinary’ job. Beatrix just seems to be around, although she sometimes disappears for days on end.

On this page I will develop a webcomic documenting what I do and learn during the OUT-period. I plan on bundeling all of these webcomics into a reflection document in the form of a comic book.