Nik van der Meulen


There are a number of things I’d like to focus on during the 20-week period. I’d like to learn how to riso-print and bind books, and I plan to use this new skill to print my final OUT period documentation and reflection.

I’d like to meet a lot of booksellers, publishers and editors. To create a network that will further enrich my future practice. This includes meeting other visual storytellers.

I’d like to develop a more professional online presence on social media, online sales platforms and my website. I don’t like marketing, but it’s necessary for my practice. I would like to create an upload schedule for my social media, with some organised branding. The webcomic is also part of this plan!

Finally, I’d like to work on my creative writing skills. Working on my story ‘Graveyard Kids’, finishing the first draft and developing some character design.

Some of my other interests are documentary making, activism, boat building, re-enactment and selling my art. I want to develop my martial arts practice in Tae Soo Do and plan to volunteer for the Oerol Festival.

On this page I will develop a webcomic documenting what I do and learn during the OUT-period. I plan on bundeling all of these webcomics into a reflection document in the form of a comic book.