Nik van der Meulen

Heya! I’m Nik, I’m a Rotterdam-based artist interested in storytelling media, literature, photography and illustration. I am currently pursuing my BFA at Willem de Kooning Academy.


I consider myself a (visual) storyteller, interested in storytelling media, both digital and physical.
My literary interests lie in ergodicism and experimental literature. I strive to create stories that have somewhat unconventional structures, non-linear narratives, and interactive elements, working with many different media. I am interested in the influence of visual features such as imagery, typeface, layout and multimedia elements on the interpretation of fiction. Much of my work is autobiographical, my personal journey of self-discovery, development and exploration at the heart of my stories. I combine image, text, sound and design to create layered stories that require the active participation of the reader to fully experience the stories.

As a visual storyteller I am interested in a number of different themes. I divide my work into three main categories: autobiographical, fictional and educational.

Exhibitions and events

My art and comics have appeared in FDIK-zine and Schande Lifestyle.

I have showcased and sold my publications at Comics, Art & Beer at Rotown. I have exhibited work at Foundation B.A.D. and the Cultuurschool, produced a radio show for Varia and performed at Extratonal Infrastructure.

I have been active as project manager for NEW WAVE Rotterdam, organising skateboarding events for women and queer people. I organised events in collaboration with Rotterdam Street Culture Week, Weelde Rotterdam and Rotterdam Architectuur Maand.